Hosting migration

Since I have a dedicated hypervisor with 32GB of DDR3 RAM, it would make sense to migrate the sites I host on the FreeNAS box to a VM.

Memory Configuration/Contention

The current configuration of the apache sites is through Jails on FreeNAS. My FreeNAS box only has 24GB of RAM. As they recommend 1GB of RAM per 1TB of raw storage, it makes sense to abide by that with the 24GB (although it used to only have 8GB, then 12GB).

The bad thing about low RAM and high usage is that SWAP ends up getting used and I personally do not like it since it causes the system to slow down .

The jail itself doesn’t take up that much RAM, but with multiple sites (one has been migrated to the office), Apache/MySQL does end up taking up some RAM that should’ve been allocated to the system (ZFS).


I decided to tinker around with Proxmox and I ended up basically destroying the network configuration – woops. Being late, I wiped the SSD along with my poor VMs and installed PFSense on bare metal. Surprise – PFSense didn’t use more than 2GB of RAM so 30GB of RAM was sitting idle.

Considering I have more than enough RAM to host a CentOS or FreeBSD server, I would be able to better utilize the resources on the system.

I only have a Windows 10 VM, and a CentOS VM. The processor should be more than enough to host the firewall VM that I’m currently running.

The plan would be to setup a FreeBSD (I’m more familiar with this than CentOS) VM that will host the three sites I currently have. Then I would customize the httpd.conf in the same way the FreeNAS one is set up.
I would also need to adjust the virtual hosts section to allow for more WordPress sites that are in the planning phase.

Pretty much a barebones FreeBSD server with Apache, MySQL, and PHP.


I’ll need to create a MySQL dump, then create a database with the same names. Reimporting the databases should be straightforward with PHPMySQL or through command line. Maybe I’ll be able to restore my old posts from – I do have the SQL dump file.

I don’t have a lot of time this week to do this project, but it will be good as I am setting up a few FAMP stacks for a site overhaul for church. More on that when I have the time…