Painting my FRS wheels with Duplicolor

No more Plastidip!


This is what plastidip looked like after a seasons worth of use:

Some held up worse than others
Some had great coverage

Duplicolor process

The bare aluminum contacted paint was very easy to peel, but the coated inside of each finger was difficult to peel.

I had to peel off all the existing Plastidip. Rubbing it viciously with paper towel was the fastest method that does not use chemicals or a pressure washer.

Surfaces clean and ready for painting
I used index cards to block off the tire.


After a couple coats, the wheel looked a lot better than its natural two tone.

Many coats and curing period later.
The gloss was strong and lustrous enough for me to forego the gloss coat.

Final results

Wheel caps were still in the garage when I took this picture.