SSL Certificates

My sites are currently not protected with SSL certificates, so things are being transmitted via HTTP. Implementing SSL certificates is one of the goals I want to achieve in the near future, especially when Chrome is planning on distrusting basically all of Symantec issued certificates.

In fact, this problem doesn’t only affect this website, but many websites out there. One of the project issues I’ve encountered at work is to replace the certificates that are planned to be distrusted.

In any case, I’d have to look into replacing the port forwarding rules on the firewall, and also the way httpd.conf manages port listening and redirection. These are things to keep in mind as Chrome release 68? will practically warn of distrusted SSL certified sites.

Furthermore, Chrome is planning on marking HTTP websites with a similar warning – that these sites are unsafe to access.

I heard about Let’s sign  as a certificate issuer. I need to do more research in terms of how to request such a certificate and how to import it into my system. Maybe I can do it for the internal websites I make available to access over the internet such as management interfaces.