IP Configuration for WordPress on FreeNAS

Content loads but CSS/Images don’t load in WordPress


This was one of my main issues when I first started using WordPress on FreeNAS. The page loaded using the domain name (mincading.com) would only load the content but no CSS is loaded. This is because WordPress is trying to resolve where the resources are located using the site_url and wordpress_url in the wp_options table. Generally, when wordpress is installed from inside the network, it defaults to the IP of the jail. For example, a single jail instance with the IP of would be automatically applied in the WordPress Settings tab. To remedy this, simply change the site_url and wordpress_url within PhpMyAdmin or while you have access, within the settings console of WordPress.

Then, instead of using forwarding for your DNS (mine is GoDaddy), delete the forwarding rule and add the public IP for your server as an A NAME.

For my configuration, I originally wanted individual WordPress sites to be hosted within individual jails in FreeNAS. I’ll further explain the basic topology of my setup later.