Lenovo Flex 14 API MX-4 Thermal Repaste

Repasting the Flex 14 81SS R7 3700U equipped laptop and analyzing the benefits.

Prior to and after repasting the notebook, we run 20-25 minutes worth of Prime95. We will analyze the clock speed as well as the temperature deltas between the two applications. Arctic MX-4 2019 will be used to repaste the laptop.

Pre-Application results

Max: 75
Min: 68.5
Avg: 71.21 C

Average Clock Speeds: 3045MHz

Post application results

Max: 70.5
Min: 62
Avg: 66.58 C

Average Clock Speeds: 3103MHz

Clock speed comparison

Max Temp75 °C 70.5 °C 4.5 °C
Min Temp68.5 °C 62 °C 6.5 °C
Average Temp71.2 °C 66.6 °C 4.6 MHz
Max Clock3129 MHz 3190 MHz 61 MHz
Min Clock2970.4 MHz 2963.9 MHz -6.5 MHz
Average Clock3045 MHz 3102 MHz 57.7 MHz

Temperature comparison


It is no doubt that lower temperatures results in higher clocks. While the clocks were greater than the pre-pasted configuration, the temperatures were lower. An expected result was to have either an increased clock speed with the same temperature, or the same clock speed with reduced temperatures. In this case, we got both – an increased (average) clock speed decreased temperature.