Many things to share but not enough time to create individual posts so I’ll just make one. Even writing this took over a month to finish…


Since my last networking update,┬áthere weren’t a lot of changes to the setup. The entire system proved to be very resilient, not requiring a reboot since the creation of the Sophos VM.

It solved the original issue of QoS – where games such as League of Legends would lag frequently when a Snapchat was sent. Not anymore – game latencies are steady and would only increase only a little bit as more devices join the network.

I would like to think about future plans for home networking, especially with the possibility of getting fiber in the future. Although overkill, it would be a fun project to experiment with different types of media interfaces and how to set it up in various OS environments.

Web hosting

As this website along with a couple others are hosted on the FreeNAS server within a jail, I could see regular usage on the CPU side. I don’t think the resources requested by users would heavily impact the WAN performance, but still something to keep in mind with low latency tasks are running (like gaming heh).

I built a server for one of the clients I support, and so to reduce the load on my server, I’d probably want to offload their website to that server. The server is also running FreeNAS, so the plan would be to rsync over the internet to send the jail dataset/snapshot. There are a few guides on the internet to do such a thing, so I’ll give it a shot when I have time. Hopefully I’ll have time to write a post on that too.

Computer Building?

Now that there is some income, I may want to replace the computer I built back in 2012. But I find it unnecessary at this moment to do so since the games I play can be handled by the current system. The only bottlenecks I can notice are the small SSD capacities and lower than average speed.

It also doesn’t make sense to purchase hardware since the cryptocurrency boom is affecting the prices. I managed to get a 1060 6GB for a friend for about 320CAD tax in, but it’s difficult to find one under 400CAD. If I were to build a new system, it would be on the higher end instead of a mid-tier system. But the prices wont allow me to do it for what the components are actually worth.