Multi-site SSL – Server Name indication

I had a lot of issues setting up multiple HTTPS sites on a single webserver. After building out a VM on the Proxmox machine (FreeBSD), I imported the content of my website, the capstone project for George Brown’s T147 program, the development site for church, and a couple already migrated virtual hosts. The only challenge now was to get all sites encrypted with LetsEncrypt. Continue reading “Multi-site SSL – Server Name indication”

FreeNAS and Proxmox Channel Bonding

The current setup of storage for my Proxmox server is mostly local storage with ISOs located on the FreeNAS server connected via NFS. With only 500GB of hard drive space on the VM host, there’s not a lot of space for VMs nor disk IO.

With a single gigabit connection between the VM host and file server, the throughput still imposes a large amount of latency. Perhaps bonding the 2 interfaces on the remaining Intel Pro 1000 on the VM host to create a logical interface would increase throughput.  Of course the other end would have a pair of gigabit interfaces to go along with it too.

Continue reading “FreeNAS and Proxmox Channel Bonding”